The 2007 Winner was:

"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea", by 1927



How did these four people, comprising 1927, take Edinburgh by storm?

Not only did our winning play capture our hearts - but they won every major award in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow, too.  Five in all.

This is theater that defies categorization.  It is a superb blend of writing, animation, humor, live action, music, silent film style and enormous intellect - with a good dose of Edward Gorey nastiness thrown in!

Miss Suzanne Andrade is responsible for writing these interconnected tales of sinister children, suburban skullduggery, fantasy and poetry.

Both she and Miss Esme Appleton skillfully perform with Mr. Paul Bill Barrett's synchronized animation providing a wondrous, dream-like background.

Add Miss Lillian Henley's original music and live piano performance - and you have a piece that is greater than the sum of its spectacular parts. 

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The Short List for the 2007 Award included:

● Aesop’s Fables – Michael Morpurgo, by Scamp Theatre and Bristol Old Vic

Billed as children’s theater, this wise and hilarious musical retelling of  classic tales delights adults as well.  

 ● Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, by 1927

Utterly creative use of music and animation to create an Edward Gorey-like landscape.

 ● Mile End, by Analogue Productions

A visually stunning exploration of premonition and growing madness.

 ● Presumption, by Third Angel

A very theatrical  exploration of the age old question: where does love go?

 ● Woyzeck, by Sadari Movement Laboratory

A dance theater piece of such beauty and precision, as to never be forgotten.