This foundation was established in 2004 to bring excellent theater to New York.  The chosen productions will be new work, not previously seen in New York.

Our mission is to support artists in their desire to be seen and produced.  We provide this support with no financial or commercial involvement in their success. All of our winners have subsequently been seen around the world - see "Past Winners". 

The first project of the Foundation is the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award, presented annually to the finest theater piece at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - the largest arts festival in the world.  The Foundation sponsors the winning productions for a run in New York, all expenses paid.  In New York, the presentation of the award winning works is known as "Best of Edinburgh". 

The Officers of the Foundation are:

Carol Tambor, Chairman, is a New York based portrait painter and passionate theatergoer.  Her intense interest in the dramatic arts has been formed by years of theater in New York, London, Dublin and, of course, Edinburgh.  To see her paintings or for more information about Ms. Tamborís art, please click here.

Kent Lawson, President, is a software entrepreneur who enjoys theater, dance and music. He is currently founder and CEO of PRIVATE WiFi.  He has also served on the boards of several other for profit and not-for-profit organizations. 

Marilynn Tammi is an experienced educator, both in the US and England. She is  also a respected textile designer and weaver, and is married to a professor of theater. She has attended much theater,  both in the US and UK,  for many years.

The distinguished Panel of Advisors include:

Jackie McGlone, Fringe First judge, freelance journalist and writer

Joyce McMillan, Fringe First judge, Scotsman arts and political journalist

Mark Fisher, Fringe First judge, freelance journalist, writer on arts and travel

Jeremy Blocker, Executive Director, New York Theater Workshop, New York

John Tammi, Professor of Theater, Hope College, Holland, Michigan