Carol Tambor, best known in Edinburgh as the force behind the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award (founded in 2004), is also a portrait artist based in New York.  She has met playwrights, actors, directors and others during Fringe, who have become inspiring subjects.

Both passions of her life came together in this exhibit of 30 canvases.  These paintings were exhibited as part of a fund raising effort for Edinburgh University's Bedlam Theatre.  The exhibition spurred donations for the theatre through an auction of the paintings.  Bedlam is a unique, student-run theatre that has a venerable history as part of the University.  All money received went to fund a much needed refurbishment. 

"In 2008, I gave the Award to the play Eight, by Ella Hickson, which was presented at the Bedlam Theatre.  It was impossible for me to ignore the poor state of repair of the theatre," explains Carol.  "I approached The Principal of the University, SIr Timothy O'Shea, and together we came up with a plan for an exhibit at the Edinburgh College of Art.  Creating these paintings and exhibiting them here, is a way for me to honor my subjects, as well as raise funds for the theatre."

This exhibit closed at the end of the festival, August 2012.  It raised much needed funds for the University of Edinburgh's Bedlam Theatre.



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Anthony Alderson
Director, Pleasance Venue



Nail Buggy

Actor, "Penelope"



Gwendolyn Chatfield
Actress, "Eight"
Best of Edinburgh 2008



Rachel Chavkin
Director of TEAM company


Andrew Dawson,
"Absence and Presence"
Best of Edinburgh 2005

Hilda Fay
Actor, "Little Gem"
Best of Edinburgh 2009

Lily Franks
Actor, "Goodness"
Best of Edinburgh 2006



Ella Hickson
Playwright, "Eight"
Best of Edinburgh 2008



Wolfgang Hoffman
Dancer and Choreographer



Guilia Innocenti &
Lucinka Eisler
Creators/Performers, "Hysteria"



Kent Lawson
Carol Tambor Theatrical Foundation



Kath Mainland
Executive Director
Edinburgh Fesitval Fringe



Ross Manson
Director, "Goodness"
Best of Edinburgh 2006



Holly McClay
Actor, "Eight"
Best of Edinburgh 2008



Ishbel McFarlane
Actor, "Eight"
Best of Edinburgh 2008


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