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Prior press releases:  

               September 2004    First Best of Edinburgh presentation

            April 2005            Results of first Best of Edinburgh

            July 2005            Announces partnership with P.S. 122          

            August 2005        Carol Tambor Award winner for 2005

            February 2006      Andrew Dawson's "Absence and Presence"

            August 2006        "Goodness" wins 2006 Carol Tambor Award

            January 2007       "Goodness" presented at P.S. 122

            August 2007        "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" wins for 2007

            August 2008        "EIGHT" wins Award for 2008

            August 2009        "Little Gem" wins Award for 2009

            August 2010        "Ovid's Metamorphoses" wins Award for 2010

            August 2011        "LEO" wins Award for 2011

            August 2012        This year, two winners share the honor

            August 2013        "The Events" wins Award for 2013

            August 2014        Geoff Sobelle's "The Object Lesson" wins for 2014

            August 2015         The winner is Open Clasp's "Key Change"

            August 2016        "Life According to Saki" wins Award

            August 2017        "Flying Lovers of Vitebsk"